Bonfire of the Brands How I Learned to Live Without Labels [E–pub New]

  • Paperback
  • 247
  • Bonfire of the Brands How I Learned to Live Without Labels
  • Neil Boorman
  • English
  • 07 February 2020
  • 9781841959870

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Bonfire of the Brands How I Learned to Live Without Labels review ò 0 L as documenting his personal trials and tribulations as he tries to live a life without bran.

review Bonfire of the Brands How I Learned to Live Without LabelsBonfire of the Brands How I Learned to Live Without Labels

Bonfire of the Brands How I Learned to Live Without Labels review ò 0 Al historical economic and psychological ways in which brands have gripped our society as wel. Not bad Obviously a little raw as it appears I hope to be a unedited un revised daily diary compiled into digest formPersonally I think he went too far in trying to remove himself completely from the market everything has a brand or is a brand or branded one way or another but I applaud his dedication and commitment to his decisionWhile a little over rambling there was some really good points about how we as consumers are tricked and manipulated into consuming and paying and for what is mostly mass produced as the same thing but differentiated on price by branding and marketingBoorman s solution does not adeuately address what to do about purchasing on uality Some times uality is important and sometimes that uality can only be had by buying a certain brand item medicalmusical instruments and workshop tools come to mind In these situations avoiding branded items defeat the purpose of buying the itemAn interesting if somewhat depressing alternate view of how to deal with a hyper consumerist society

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Bonfire of the Brands How I Learned to Live Without Labels review ò 0 As a product of a generation that has been sold to since birth Neil Boorman examines the soci. Few books I ve ever read have made me sit up and want to make immediate changes in the way I live my life This book is one of those I found Bonfire of the Brands too be an extremely interesting and thought provoking read The book is written in the form of the personal diary entries of Neil Boorman brand addict The first half of the book is a countdown to a bonfire where Neil plans to burn or destroy all of his branded possessions and the second half is a post bonfire look at how to live a life without brands Mixed in with all of this are well researched facts and figures about the advertising business and the psychology of brandsI always thought of myself as relatively immune to advertising and it s wicked ways but after reading the book and looking at my life s collected possessions It s easy to realise that this simply isn t the case My dabbling with branded goods however is dwarfed by Neils pre bonfire addiction He doesn t shy away from admitting that he was uite happy to judge people on the basis of the brands they chose to surround themselves withThe pre bonfire half of the book covers how Neil became addicted to brands and how this addiction makes him feel day to day In an attempt to purge himself of his addiction he decides to burn every branded possession he owns and destroy everything that can t be burnt It s deemed that this destruction will be cathartic than simply donating everything to charityPost bonfire covers the problems encountered when trying to live a non branded life such as sourcing unbranded alternatives to the things we rely on every dayWhat I enjoyed reading about most is the psychology behind the consumer capitalist society and Neils realisation that brands are effectively a massive con and a shallow reward for the wage slave The I read the I realised how easy it is to fall into the traps of branding and how I myself have been doing it for years I m paying a premium to advertise someone else overpriced product that in itself is completely backward surely If I m to turn myself into a walking billboard it is I who should be being paidMy favourite extract from the book actually came from a journalist who was commenting on Neils blog He wroteIf you replaced every logo advert and brand image you see on the high street with a uote from the bible you would feel like you were living in an intolerably strict religious state I mean if you took all the billboards and put Jesus on them there d be a revolution If you replace the icons of one ideology with the icons of another you realise the absurdity you ve been living with everyday your whole life