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The Street review Ñ 104 Summary ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Ann Petry Ann Petry ↠ 4 review Id the violence poverty and racial dissonance of Harlem in the late 1940s Originally published in 1946 and hailed by critics as a masterwo. 27220What a ride Such a stellar and heartbreaking book I m so glad I got to read this with my book club It s now one of my all time favourites2720Reading this book with my patrons this month SO EXCITED28220Found this one during one of my book scavenging trips through London DYou can find me onYoutube Instagram Twitter Tumblr Website

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The Street review Ñ 104 Summary ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Ann Petry Ann Petry ↠ 4 review THE STREET tells the poignant often heartbreaking story of Lutie Johnson a young black woman and her spirited struggle to raise her son am. The Street to Lutie Johnson meant 116th Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenues New York City For those who don t know that s Harlem Lutie is looking here for an apartment for her and her son Bub She wants her own apartment away from her Pop where she believed Lil her Pop s current live in girlfriend is a bad influence to BubThe apartment in uestion is a fourth floor walkup with dark narrow hallways located in the back of the building There is a bedroom a living room a kitchen and a bathroom Bub will have to sleep on the sofa She did not care much for the Super Mr Jones who showed her the apartment or for the nosey neighbor Mrs Hedges who had her head sticking out her first floor window when Lutie had arrived But at twenty nine fifty 2950 a month at least she would be getting her eight 8 year old away from Pop s place The Street was a big change for Lutie who had at one time had her own house with her husband Jim But things did not work out when Lutie became the sole provider for the family She had to take a job as a live in maid in Connecticut and was only able to come home twice a month to her husband and son Lutie was a high school graduate but it was the only job she could find at the time Her husband could find no job Much later after receiving a call from her Pop Lutie came home to find Jim with another women Jim was not apologetic and Lutie took Bub and moved in with Pop Lutie took the civil service exam and was able to get a lower level government job She was ambitious and thought she could move up and do better for her and Bub After paying rent she did not have much left over and must abide by a strict budgetThe Super had wanted Lutie from the time he first saw her and vowed to himself to win her over The Super currently lived on the first floor with a woman named Min who he lost interest in the minute he first saw Lutie Mrs Hedges had eyes on Lutie for a man that she knew a nice white gentleman Bud went from coming home to an undesirable environment to coming home to an empty apartment on The Street Lutie was convinced that she was doing better and would continue to make advancements if they could just keep on their budget and she could save money She kept expressing this to BubThe Super thinks that if he can get rid of Min that he can get Lutie So he decides that he will put her out Min feels that she is at risk and visits the Prophet David a root doctor After Min explains her problem to Prophet David he gave a red liuid to put in the Super s coffee two candles to burn some power to spread around for protection and a cross He also told her to make sure the house was cleaned well Ten dollars please Prophet David said he could not do anything about Lutie but that Min would not get put out It is amazing how things change with a confidence boost Min went home knowing that she would not be put out And she wasn t Lutie spurges one evening and goes to a bar Junto Bar and Grill After a few beers she is feeling good and singing loud with the music She has a good voice and gets noticed One of the persons that notices her was Boots Smith another is Old Man Junto a nice white gentleman Boots tell Lutie she can make money singing with his band She is excited with the possibility The plan is for her to tryout with his band the next night Lutie is a hit with the band and the patrons Lutie had been warned about men by her grandmother She knows that Boots wants than to help her But she waits till the second night to ask about her salary In the meantime Old Man Junto had summoned Boots and told him he wanted Lutie for himself and not to offer her a salary Old Man Junto owned both the bar and grill and the club where Boots band played Lutie leaves the club on the second night after hearing that she won t get paid because the Old Man says she is not ready Mrs Hedges has also told the Super to stay away from Lutie It turns out the Old Man also owns the apartment buildingThe Super is PISSED He can t have Lutie and for some reason is scared to put Min out He believes that Lutie has turned him down and is messing around with Old Man Junto He tries to think of a way to get back at her He decides to get Bub in trouble Bub gets arrested from a scheme designed and put in place by the Super Lutie finds an attorney and he agrees to get Bub out of trouble but it will cost her two hundred dollarsShe has no idea where to get this money She finally thinks of Boots who she believes will loan it to her Of course Boots gets Old Man Junto involved When Lutie goes to Boots apartment to get the loan he has promised her she sees the Old Man Boots takes her in the bedroom to explain She wants no part of this and screams for Boots to get the Old Man out of there Boots thinks this is his opportunity to have Lutie than give her to the Old Man It does not work out that way After the Old Man leaves Boots tries to force himself on Lutie He smacks her several times in the face Lutie is fast enough to grab an iron candlestick The candlestick proves harder than Boots skullNow Lutie believes she has murdered Boots She takes money out of his wallet for Bub s attorney Then after removing the door key from his pocket leaves to go to the attorney It comes to her that she will probably be known as an unfit mother for murdering Boots Who would release Bub to an unfit mother Lutie thinks that Bub will be better off without her Lutie take the money and takes a train to Chicago She thinks that Bub will have a better chance by going to reform schoolThe story is about race gender and class This is a debut novel for Ann Petry first published in 1946 There are many conflicts twists and turns In the end Lutie had talked to Bub so much about money that he ended up trying to get money by helping the Super who had actually tricked him into thinking he was helping to catch crooks

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The Street review Ñ 104 Summary ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Ann Petry Ann Petry ↠ 4 review Rk The Street was Ann Petry's first novel a beloved bestseller with than a million copies in print Its haunting tale still resonates today. I m hesitant to give this four stars for a couple of reasons one because I know it was flawed in certain important ways but to me the stars have to do with how much I personally enjoyed a book not how technically good it was so I think that s okay The main reason I m afraid of singing this book s praises too loudly is that I really loved it and being able to see its problems and knowing other people might not think it s good really hurts my feelings I feel protective of this book and it upsets me to think about other people maligning it So please don t read this unless you re going to like it The Street is Ann Petry s 1946 novel about single mother Lutie Johnson s efforts to raise her son and escape poverty while living on 116h Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenues in Harlem Young black beautiful poor and socially isolated Lutie is constantly and acutely aware of the ways in which her existence and her son s future are limited and crushed by the forces of racism and class I am sure that today s college students really freak out about this book for its sophisticated mid twentieth century examination of the paradigm of intersectionality race class gender It s all here in this artfully structured novel that moves easily among the perspectives of a handful of the Street s denizens I found the characters in this book to be brilliantly crafted Petry has us see through the eyes not just of Lutie but of her eight year old son their malevolent predatory mentally deranged super the super s pathetic oppressed but resilient companion the building s massive and fire scarred red kerchiefed madam and other characters whose individuality comes to life even as Petry lends them each the dignity of her distinctive and I thought uite beautiful voice That s really hard to do and this book accomplished it The characters make decisions and behave in ways that are often strange morally uestionable or undoubtably wrong but the author successfully makes them so human that we understand their reasoning and can t fully judge them The Street suffered from two major problems one social novel syndrome by which I mean that Petry s obvious efforts to show the effects of racism and injustice on individuals lives did often overwhelm the story and get too annoyingly obvious Every page has Lutie s meditations on the the effects of racism poverty and segregated urban slums and it did get tiresome and undermined the book s power But a lot of this might have been due to its other flaw first novel syndrome The Street was Petry s first book and it has many marks of that including unnecessary repetition a failure at crucial points to trust the reader and what I thought was a hasty melodramatic and unbelievable ending I m definitely interested in reading Petry s other books to see what she was like when she matured as a writer Her gifts of character and description are I thought sensational I can picture Lutie s apartment the building and her street nearly as vividly as I can see my own and all the characters were as physically and nearly as psychologically real to me as the people I encounter in daily life Since few books can convey a physical environment to me so well I really found this to be specialI definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in a depiction of Harlem in the days before drugs on a wide scale guns housing projects white gentrification and extensive social services and welfare benefits I m pretty familiar with the neighborhood she s talking about and it was very interesting to see how things have and have not changed since the 1940s This is one of the better novels I ve read about Black American urban life in the pre Civil Rights era and I might recommend it for that to some parties But the real reason I thought The Street was so good was on its merits as a work of fiction While I know the social novel stuff could turn off a lot of readers I felt the same delight from this as from a good children s storybook a very disturbing upsetting children s storybook with a lot of sex and violence and human suffering But it almost seemed illustrated that s how vivid it was I will definitely be reading by Ann Petry and I ll recommend this book despite my concerns though if you think it s bad I don t really want to hear about it