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Read Body Counts ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ts Strub’s story crackles with history He recounts his role in shocking AIDS demonstrations at St Patrick’s Cathedral as well as at the home of US Sen­ator Jesse Helms With an astonishing cast of characters including Tennessee Williams Gore Vidal Keith Haring Bill Clinton and Yoko Ono is a vivid portrait of a tumultuous era “A page turnerwith the suspense and horror of Paul Monette’s memoir Borrowed Time and the drama of Larry Kramer’s play The Normal HeartWhat a lot of action and life there is in this gripping book” The Washington Po. A very absorbing account of the AIDS crisis right from its inception to the point where combination therapies started to have an effect on the trajectory of the virus told from the viewpoint of an intelligent energetic creative and politically engaged individual Sean Strub as a young man arrived in NYC just as the crisis was about to hit in the mid 90s he was in the final stages 90 in 9 with KS when the combination therapies arrived just in time to revive him Lazarus like from his death bed This is the first AIDS memoir I ve read where the protagonist survives and has a productive post AIDS life so in that sense has a happy ending nevertheless there are terribly sad episodes in the book as he loses friends and colleagues mentors and lovers Strub s attitude however remains completely positive and pro active His involvement with Act Up taught him that activists live longer and it is marvellous to behold the many creative ways he brought his activism to bear on the crisis helping to create a self empowering community focussed on personal growth and survival against terrible odds He founded Poz magazine and kept it running for 10 years through the very worst battling to keep it going financially at the same time as battling the disease himself and losing his long term boyfriend and his business partner tooI am a few years younger than Strub and appreciated being able to compare his personal experience and reactions to these social and political upheavals with my own A great strength of the book is that his life long political interest allows him to place deeply personal events within a compelling and fully explored wider political context The writing is direct and no nonsense with not a hint of self pity

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Read Body Counts ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Hrouded in shame When the AIDS epidemic hit in the early 1980s Strub was living in New York and soon found himself attending “ funerals than birthday parties” Scared and angry he turned to radical activism to combat discrimination and demand research Strub takes you through his own diagnosis and inside ACT UP the organization that transformed a stigmatized cause into one of the defining political movements of our time From the New York of Studio 54 and Andy Warhol’s Factory to the intersection of politics and burgeoning LGBT and AIDS movemen. It s easy to admit being biased in offering praise for an author s memoir especially when that author is somewhat responsible for saving your life if not thousands of lives Sean Strub s astute combination of activism political pragmatism and financial expertise combined brilliantly in his career fighting the AIDS epidemic In Body Counts Strub not only shares elouently written chapters but his life and career exemplify the struggle of the modern gay rights movement and a community s response to the AIDS epidemicFrom his youthful days as an Iowa Catholic boy to his ascendance in Washington DC as a youthful assistant Strub shares intimate details of his life His introduction to the secretive world of closeted gay politicians and their aides eventually propels him further into politics As he learns self acceptance of himself his body and his sexuality the world of politics drags its feet behind him Failures and successes are given eual coverageStrub s personal pains in his struggle with HIV follow the path of the disease itself on a national scale His eventual work with ACT UP and his achievements in tempering the tumultuous group s protests and struggles are balanced with his innovative fundraising ideasIt was both wonderful and harrowing to relive these times through his experience Strub s later successes and difficulties in creating and maintaining the groundbreaking POZ Magazine are for this veteran gay journalist uite fascinating While I recall many of these events from my own experience or as told by Strub himself to read this compelling memoir brings new light to a person who simply sought justice to keep a movement going by offering his practical skills His victories in simply staying alive are woven in with some insightful celebrity encounters and of the AIDS activist movement s most notorious heartbreaking and yes sometimes hilarious events Body Counts adds a personal perspective to the daunting task of understanding the controversies tragedies and even the victories of the AIDS epidemic For those of us who lived through these times and for those who may never understand what happened it s a must read

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Read Body Counts ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook The founder of POZ magazine shares “a captivatingeyewitness account from inside the AIDS epidemic” Next and “a moving multi decade memoir of one gay man’s life” San Francisco ChronicleAs a politics obsessed Georgetown freshman Sean Strub arrived in Washington DC from Iowa in 1976 with a plum part time job running a Senate elevator in the US Capitol He also harbored a terrifying secret his attraction to men As Strub explored the capital’s political and social circles he discovered a parallel world where powerful men lived double lives s. One of the lessons of Catholicism that stuck with me even through the periods when I was most furious with the Church was that life s meaning is found in contemplation penance service Of these three my only real talent is service I ve always been interested in action than reflection Sean Strub Body Counts A Memoir of Politics Sex AIDS and SurvivalSean Strub s Body Counts A Memoir of Politics Sex AIDS and Survival is a brutally honest memoir focusing on a dark period of American history Bill Hilary Reagan Bush Roy Cohen no here escapes unscathed including Strub himselfStrub s story opens with his manning a Senators Only elevator in the nation s Capitol which he operated as a teenage intern The early section set in the world of Washington politics is fascinating Strub s tales of political intrigue and the 1970 s Washingtonian closet offer a glimpse into the inner workings that very few people ever glimpse Soon Strub has gained a reputation for being hard working intelligent and loyal a world where loyalty has it s perks as Strub would find out first hand when he memorized every detail he could of the senators who rode in his elevator He also shares a story of his interrupting Senator Byrd in a closed door meeting and how this led to his becoming a favorite of the Senator We learn too of his meeting his heroes the liberal lions of the senate George McGovern Hubert Humphrey and Ted Kennedy Strub came to share a special bond with all threeWe also learn that Strub had a secret he was gay Strub agonizes over this secret at times hoping its a phase while at others going to great lengths to lose his virginity Although he is not uite certain how a gay man loses his virginity What he does know that is being gay and having a career in politics on any stage is will not mix What s a gay boy to do Move to new York CitySoon Strub drops out of Georgetown and moves to New York City There he becomes an eye witness to history Strub is walking past the Dakota Building the night John Lennon is shot He is in New York the early years of the AIDS crisis He parties the nights away at Studio 54 Young attractive and bright he is befriended by Tennessee Williams Yoko Ono Larry Kramer and David Drake Along the way Strub falls in love has his heart broken falls in love again and again and he discovers he is HIV positiveAfter a period of self denial regarding his illness Strub pulls himself together taking on the role of activist When the AIDS activist group Act Up disrupts Cardinal O Connor during mass at St Patrick s for his campaign against condoms Strub is taking communion in an Act Up T shirt when the priest giving him the host says The body of Christ Strub replies May the Lord bless the man I loved who died a year ago this weekStrub confirms what many of us already know Catholicism is the source of the shame he felt about his body a body he s forced to accept and meditate upon as he is dying This revives memories of sexual abuse at his Jesuit school but he has put his abusers behind him I understand this as I have put my abuser behind me too It s politicians he can t forgive Much of his wrath is directed toward Bill Clinton s Health and Human Services secretary Donna Shalala whose failure to endorse needle exchanges even though they were proven to reduce HIV transmission caused millions of deathsA word on Donna Shalala it is well known she is a closeted lesbian Her refusal to act upon the AIDS crisis and gay health issues makes her no better than gay homophobes Jon Hinson Roy Ashburn Ed Schrock Mark Foley and so many others Strub is a witness to all that takes place in the early years of the crisis suabbling in the gay community the government s refusal to respond to the crisis the early days of the Act Up protests the founding of POZ magazine and as his life makes a 360 degree turn Strub becomes the first openly gay HIV positive person to run for Congress Yes our hero was a participant to this all and so much 30 years later I want to weep as I read of workers on Long Island who refused to put Strub s fundraising letter into envelopes because they were afraid of getting AIDS or at Strub s admission that when he acuired Kaposi s sarcoma dogs barked at him on the streetWhile Strub s memoir is filled with loss death and destruction it is one of the most hope filled books I have ever read Body Counts is fascinating chronicle of Strub s experience of the disease and the memoir of an activist who witnessed a great deal of history I cannot recommend this highly enough