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  • 15 August 2018
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review U. F. O. 103 Invisible invasion by deadly aliens bent on conuest and extermination And SHADO's mission is to seek find and destroy the un humans Why were the aliens kidnapping humans SHADO had to know fast. I m pretty sure I still have a copy of this but I m not sure whereThis was I believe the only book I carried to Australia with me In that period I had the first page memorizedI always liked the tv show and I didn t want to be parted from it which is why I bought the book It was ok but like most people I liked the show better

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review U. F. O. 103 They thought they scored when they captured an alien alive But when he died the mission of the un human invaders became horrifyingly clearContains novelizations of several episodes tied together. A fotonovel of an episode of UFO a British TV series I enjoyed which featured a three tiered defense in depth moon based interceptors submarine launched jet fighters and air mobile ground assault vehicles to fend off UFO s that raided Earth for body parts among other things The Tired Horse raided Earth for body parts among other things

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review U. F. O. 103 MEET THE SPACE GUERILLASCode name SHADO The most secret sophisticated and important group on Earth Only they know that mankind is under attack by a hostile intelligence from outer space A silent. Found it This is the copy I have and I must have bought it new or nearly new It s been around the world with me and it s scarcely come through unscathedBecause it was one of the few books I had with me when I arrived in Australia I ve got the first two paragraphs about memorized but I no longer remember what was in the book and what I saw on the tv series So I m going to have to read it throughI should point out that there s no basis for the notion that the bulk of people would have become hysterical if they d realized that the Earth was under attack from rather poorly euipped aliens Nor is there any reason to believe that the governments of several world states chiefly the US and Britain it looks like so far could have advanced the state of the ar